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Recruitment & Selection Services

Adelko provides mid to senior-level recruitment services for different
sectors across EMEA region and globally.

Training & Development Services

Adelko is a Resource point for qualified, experienced training and coaching experts …

RPO, Talent Outsourcing & Payroll Service

Adelko provides tailor-made solutions for international Organisations with projects
in the East African region and Overseas…

People Coordinating to Work Together
Strategic HRM & Organisational Development Consulting

We provide an array of other Human Resource services to make Human Resources management efficient and effective.

Psychometric, EQ & Competence Assessment

You can select and hire leadership talent with greater confidence in their competencies and organizational fit by combining interviews with psychometric assessments.


Connecting African Talent with Work Opportunities Globally

Susan Kamenwa Connecting African Talent with work opportunities globally through Adelko Consulting Services

Talent Acquisition expert Susan Waweru believes brain drain in Africa can be a thing of the past. Susan has…

Is Emotional Intelligence Important for Leadership Effectiveness?

Our emotions express themselves in every interaction we have, whether at home or work. They influence how we react to challenges and opportunities. They determine whether we collaborate to resolve conflict…

7 Ways Companies in Africa Can Attract Diaspora Talent Back

In recent years, there has been a trend of companies and governments making efforts to attract talent back to their native countries. According to the Journal of African Business, this phenomenon is often referred to as “brain circulation” or “reverse brain drain,”…

Our Values

Adelko is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our work. Our stringent recruitment process ensure that we utilize recruitment methods that are free from bias by embedding technology and using competency-based assessment tools. We utilize an updated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure no human interference with initial candidate selection processes. Our interviews are fully competency-based and we train selection panels about possible unconscious biases before every interview. We promote multi-cultural awareness and understanding among our clients.


Adelko has consistently demonstrated remarkable tenacity and resilience in successfully identifying suitable candidates, even in the face of challenging search assignments. They consistently exhibited a willingness to accommodate our evolving demands without any complaints, and their entire team has displayed excellent customer service skills.

WEConnect International

Adelko has consistently been diligent and committed to completing all project deliverables in a timely manner. They provide comprehensive weekly reports and keep the team informed of the project’s progress.
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Since 2022, we have engaged Adelko Training Services to deliver coaching, team building, and leadership development services on several occasions. Our teams have indicated satisfaction with their interactions with the trainers, who Adelko has consistently deployed as very experienced and competent Trainers.

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